Call NOW to oppose Mandatory Field Testing!

The New York State Board of Regents is discussing right now (today – November 17) making field testing of the questions that Pearson is writing for future state tests mandatory.  Field testing has not previously been mandatory although the state has implied that it was.

Please call the NYS Board of Regents right now and tell them you OPPOSE MANDATORY field testing.  You may be asked to provide your school district.  If you live in Kingston and are asked to provide your Board of Regent’s name, it is Josephine Finn.  The phone number for the Board of Regents is (518) 474-5889.

Field testing is checking out questions to see if they are ‘suitable’ for future tests.  It is using our children as guinea pigs.  If they were adults, they would have to give consent and would get paid for this sort of thing.  There are many issues regarding the field testing and you can read more starting at this post.

One thought on “Call NOW to oppose Mandatory Field Testing!”

  1. Seriously? Knock it off with the mandates. Educators and parents know that NYSED officials have been sold out to interests that do not coincide with good public schooling. Every time an internal person notices something is wrong the person “leaves” the department for outside employment. Where are we, Bulgaria in the 1970’s?

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