Make a call

Call Board of Regents today 9/16/15 BEFORE 3pm!

The resolution to make the current, temporary teacher and principal evaluation system permanent is on the Board of Regents agenda for 3:15pm today September 16, 2015.

Contact Ulster County Board of Regents member Josephine Finn and tell her to vote NO on making the evaluation system permanent.

Josephine Finn (518) 474-5889


Also contact the at-large Board of Regents members and tell them to vote NO.

Merryl Tisch  (518) 474-5889

Lester W. Young, Jr.  (718) 722-2796

James E. Cottrell  (718) 270-2331

Wade Norwood  (585) 436-2944 (when you get his work # its 110 NOT 111)

If you are not familiar with the problems associated with the evaluation system and why it is bad for STUDENTS and teachers, click on the APPR topic in the right sidebar to read more.