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Call Albany – Nolan gets Parental Refusal legislation wrong!

New York State Assembly Education Committee Chairwoman Cathy Nolan has introduced a bill that is supposed to ‘help’ parents who have a right to REFUSE NYS standardized tests but she has gotten it wrong.

Due to party politics and unwillingness to reach across the aisle and partner with ‘Republican’ Assemblyman Jim Tedisco who already has a bill that does what is needed and could pass both the Assembly and the Senate, Assemblywoman Nolan chose to write her own version of a parental refusal bill, bill A6777, and submitted it on April 2 just before the legislature went on vacation!  Now Assemblywoman Nolan is attempting to fast-track the bill but it is a bad bill and does not have adequate support nor a companion bill in the Senate so it will not pass.

Nolan’s bill A6777 does state that parents have the right to REFUSE the state tests and there will be no consequences to the child/parent/school for refusal but read this part in the ‘justification’

This legislation reaffirms parents’ discretion and authority to exempt their children from standardized assessments but it neither supports nor opposes such exemption.

What is that supposed to mean?  It sure sounds wishy-washy to me.  More importantly, A6777 does NOT require that districts inform parents of their RIGHT to REFUSE so many parents will be left in the dark.  Click here for a comparison of the two bills.

Call Assemblywoman Nolan and tell her that she needs to support Jim Tedisco’s Common Core Parental Refusal Act (A6025) and move A6025 out of the education committee for a vote on the Assembly floor.  Click here for a comparison of the two bills.

Also call our Ulster County Assemblyman Kevin Cahill and tell him that he needs to push his fellow assemblymembers to support the Common Core Parental Refusal Act.  Assemblyman Cahill stood for parents and voted against the education portion of the budget when few other legislators did so.  Now he needs to show us that he really is standing for us and he needs to exert his considerable influence and get the Assembly to pass the Common Core Parental Refusal Act.

Assemblyman Kevin Cahill (518) 455-4436

Education Chair Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan (518) 455-4851

Common Core Parental Refusal Act petition

This legislation is not going to help parents this year but if we are still stuck with these bad standardized tests next year, I do not want to have to be wondering about whether all parents know about their right to refuse and what consequences there ‘might’ be due to refusing the tests next year.

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