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Building a Better Broadway committee responds to public comments

I received notification today that the Technical Advisory Committee for the Building a Better Broadway project met yesterday and proposed modifications to the plan with the intent to address the concerns raised during the public comment period.

Come to the BOE meeting tonight and hear about the proposed revisions.

Hi Jolyn,

I wanted to alert you ( and other parents) on the Building a Better Broadway draft plan.  The Technical Advisory Committee met with the consultants and UC Planning officials yesterday, and agreed on major changes to the draft plan.  Dr. Paladino was in attendance also.

I  wanted to give you a heads-up before the Board meeting since people using the existing online documents will be commenting on an outdated version of the draft plan.  I’d hate to see parents basing their comments on a version of the plan that no longer exists;  I believe they would be better served by listening to the presentation on these proposed changes from the consultants, County and City officials, and responding at the second comment period, or by contacting the Superintendent or the County Planning Department after the meeting.  I think  the revisions address many of the concerns that you and other parents have expressed previously.

In brief ,the revised draft calls for a phased approach where the first phase, with all the signals, sidewalk improvements and pedestrian safety features featured  in the previous plan would be done first, along the whole Broadway corridor (tenders for this work are planned to be issued in  September 2016, with work potentially starting in spring of 2017).  Also in phase one,  the bike lane as proposed in the old draft would be developed from Liberty St. to O’Reilly Street and end there.   At that point shared lane markings (“sharrows”), would be painted on the streets  to  direct  bike riders onto O’Reilly St., Hasbrouck Ave. and Jansen Ave. to connect with the Kingston Point Rail Trail.  Parking in front of KHS would not be affected.

The second phase would implement the bike lane from O’Reilly to East Chester St. when the following conditions are met: 1)the KHS main entrance has been relocated to the center of campus (which the Superintendent said is planned for the fall of 2018); and 2) the City addresses parking issues in a wider scope than just Broadway.

So essentially, the parking/drop-off area will remain as it is and there will initially be a bike lane that ends one block west of KHS.  I should also mention that engineering changes have been agreed that will retain most (but not all) of the parking spaces opposite Dallas Hot Wieners.