All Kingston parents should refuse Common Core state testing in 2015!

Assemblyman McLaughlin has a message for the parents of New York State!

We have a problem!  We are telling kids that the tests don’t matter.  We are going to now not count it against the teachers, which I think is the right thing to do.  If the tests are ineffective …  Why are we continuing with tests that are this problematic?  Our work here is not done.  My message to the parents of New York is simple – REFUSE!  do not let your children take these tests.  Common Core will collapse of its own weight when the parents of New York stand up and push back against this which is the wrong way to go for our education system.

Governor Cuomo, who at one point claimed to be the advocate for the children of New York, apparently can’t fix the Common Core problem for the kids since an APPR band-aid was the only solution pushed through as the legislative session ends leaving our kids to take the faulty Common Core tests this next year.  Commissioner King and at least most of the Board of Regents don’t believe there is a problem with Common Core.  Many of the legislators admit that there is a problem with Common Core and have made a few changes but can not or will not do enough to truly fix the problem for the kids so it is up to us, the parents.

So parents, we have until March 2015 (I am assuming the state tests will be administered in April as in past years) to get the word out to all the parents in the Kingston school district. We really need to have NO students grades 3-8 taking the state tests next year!

We have to figure out what to do with the high school Common Core tests which are actually part of the kids’ grades/graduation requirements.