Protect parents' right to REFUSE

Albany has failed parents/students with the state budget – they must now pass CC Parental Refusal Act!

Now that testing is being cemented even more into the fabric of education thanks to Governor Cuomo’s bad education reforms that were approved by the New York State assembly and senate on Tuesday March 31, 2015, it is even more vital that parents know they have the RIGHT to REFUSE the state tests and that they can do so without punishment for the student, teacher or school.

We can not blame the passage of these bad education policies on a specific political party as it was the democrats who passed the education policy in the assembly (passed 92 to 54) and the republicans who passed it in the senate (passed 36 to 26).  It makes absolutely no sense at all that anyone would pass this junk but even weirder that one party passed it in one house and the other party in the other house.  Regardless, the Common Core Parental Refusal Act has bi-partisan support in both the senate and the assembly, so the rest of the legislators who say they are concerned about high-stakes testing need to get on board to get this legislation passed!

NYS Senate 2015 Budget YES votes

NYS Assembly 2015 Budget YES votes

Contact your assembly member and senator first thing in the morning and tell them since they failed us with the budget*, we HAVE to have this legislation passed immediately.

The state tests are only 2 weeks away!!!

*Ulster County residents take note – if you live in Assemblyman Peter Lopez’s district or Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney’s district, they did NOT fail us.  They voted against the education portions of the budget!  Please thank them when you call.  UPDATE 4/1/15 – Assemblyman Kevin Cahill also voted No on behalf of our children.

If you haven’t already done so, please sign the petition supporting the Common Core Parental Refusal Act.

Common Core Parental Refusal Act petition

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  1. Maybe it would be good to include an entire list of those who voted no. Please be sure you know how your legislator or senator voted. Make sure you think those who voted no.

    1. these test are very hard for the kids you know it is when the teachers tell you they dont know because they take it out of a book and dont know so how do our kids know or there parents know wake up, kids will get frustrated and not want to go to school WAKE UP

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