Act now regarding Regents low pass waiver

I shared a post yesterday from One Mom’s Journey Through Education Reform regarding a new regulation to allow special education students to apply for a waiver if they have taken a Regents exam twice and failed it with a 52 to 54.

Today Christine has a specific action requesting everyone to help by submitting comments to NYSED regarding an amendment to the regulation.  Please take action as requested.

From One Mom’s Journey Through Education Reform:

Please take the time to cut and paste these comments and send to the email address:

Members of NY STOP GRAD HST respectfully request members of NYS Regents to vote Yes to amendment ID. NO.EDU-40-15-00007-P; Regarding Students With Disabilities Diploma Requirements.

Specifically we request a vote during the upcoming December 2015 meeting in order to allow year 2016 potential graduates additional safety nets to successfully meet their graduation requirements.

Currently there are three safety net options available to students to graduate with a local diploma;

  1. Low Pass Safety Net Option: 5 required Regents exams with a score of 55 or better.
  2. Regents Competency Test (RCT) Safety Net Option: This option, which is available to students who entered grade 9 prior to September 2011, allows a student with a disability to receive a local diploma based on a passing score on the RCT if student does not achieve a score of 55 or higher on the Regents examination.
  3. Compensatory Safety Net Option: For students not relying on RCTs, a student with a disability may receive a local diploma if he/she scores between 45-54 on one or more of the five required Regents exams, other than the English language arts (ELA) or mathematics, but achieves a score of 65 or higher on another required Regents exam which can compensate for the lower score. A score of 65 or higher on a single examination may not be used to compensate for more than one examination for which a score of 45-54 is earned.

We support and are seeking your support as well regarding approval of the below amendment which includes an additional safety net option for a score of less than 55 for a student with a disability to earn a local diploma;

(*Note: While this appeal option may be important for some students, data shows that in the 2010 cohort, there were only 258 students with disabilities who did not graduate who received a test score between 52 and 54 on any Regents exam; this statement requires clarification as students still had the RCT option in that cohort).

-score up to three points below a score of 55 on a Regents exam after at least two attempts, and attain at least a 65 course average in the subject area of the Regents examination under appeal;
– provide evidence that they have received academic intervention services by the school in the subject area of the Regents examination under appeal;
– have an attendance rate of at least 95 percent for the school year during which the student last took the required Regents examination under appeal;
– attain a course average in the subject area of the Regents examination under appeal that meets or exceeds the required passing grade by the school and is recorded on the student’s official transcript with grades achieved by the student in each quarter of the school year; and
– the student is recommended for an exemption to the passing score on the required Regents examination under appeal by his or her teacher or department chairperson in the subject area of such examination.  Appeals by students with disabilities of a score of less than 55 under the proposed amendment would be reviewed by the same committee that reviews all other Regents appeals.

The final average for the waived Regents exam may be excluded in the calculation for the final class average, if it will bring that score below a passing grade.