About Posting Etiquette

I encourage you to post comments and participate in discussions here at Jolyn’s Education Corner.  I often have strong opinions and we might not always agree but I will always respect your right to have and state your opinion and will never remove a post because I do not agree with it.

How to post a comment

The one rule I will enforce is that posts MUST be respectful of others as well as God in the language that is used.  No vulgar language and no swearing or taking God’s name in vain will be allowed.  I will not be bringing God regularly into our conversations but He is regularly with me and I expect Him to be respected.  Text speak is fine unless it is short for language that is not allowed (so OMG is NOT allowed).  Finally no demeaning of other people participating in the conversation, in other words, no calling them ‘stupid’ or such because you do not agree with them.

Thank you for your cooperation and I hope you enjoy participating here at Jolyn’s Education Corner.

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